After several years of working together in the same open space, going remote was a challenge. Besides all the topics that have been discussed in the online world like motivation, arranging a working space at home, setting clear boundaries between the personal and workspace, we want to share with you how we approached two important topics. How do you keep a team engaged while being remote, and how do you pass on the company culture to new employees that have never met you or their colleagues face to face?

We’ve got a handful of customs, traditions, and moments that we…

If you’ve been planning to invest in or create a mobile app, you’ve probably come across developers explaining the difference between Flutter and React Native and why one’s better than the other. It is important to understand which is which and when it’s best to choose one over the other. Moreover, this set of questions should be answered at any moment before starting a digital project. Does this framework fit my concept, my ideas, my needs, and my budget? And the answer to these questions might help you more than you realize.

Let’s simply dive into… a bit of history

As we are getting closer to calling this year ‘done,’ we are also in a time of retrospectives, calculus, forecasting, and planning. And that is exactly what we, at Salt & Pepper, are doing too.

We are set to take a closer look at how 2020, a year of change and adaptation, looked like for the Fintech sector and make our predictions for next year’s challenges. We are going to discuss implementations that, according to studies, will start in 2021 and last until 2022 to completely finish. Let’s go on with what we call Fintech in numbers.

Financial domains impacted…

Did you ever wonder what lies beyond the partnership between a software development company and a business owner with a million-dollar idea? Or are you thinking about putting some old plan at work, and maybe now’s the perfect time to do so? Before you start a neverending internet search on how things are done “by the book,” let us tell you that all software development partners are unique in their own way.

We develop digital products that matter to you and to us as well. This is our mission and our mantra. We do this every day, driven by passion…

As the title clearly states, we recently put a lot of effort into creating the S&P experience for Techsylvania 2020: Beyond Borders. But let’s go to the beginning of the story.

Beginning of life as we did not know it

Back in spring, all our plans at S&P for the new quarter, and basically for the whole year, were a bit shaken. The majority of our team is still working remote, a proper team building was out of the question (we really wanted to top last year’s boat trip that you can read all about here), and lastly, we did…

Since the COVID-19 pandemic stormed the whole globe, a lot of things have changed, and our everyday life is definitely going through constant fluctuations and alterations. The way we do almost everything, from how we interact with each other to how we work, shop, where we go on vacation, participate at events, and so on has transformed. Probably one of the most striking changes is that everything took a shift, as we’ve seen, and moved online. Many once qualified as usual or mundane activities have gotten people into a pickle with questions such as “Is it safe to go shopping?”…

Loaning and taking responsibility for this is as old as the books. For example, roughly 4,000 years ago, farmers were the first documented humans in Mesopotamia to “apply” for later payments. They would get grains or the chance to repay their animals with the birth of a new calf. It’s safe to say or assume that most people know what it is, how it’s done, and so on.

Traditional loaning bureaus and banks usually assess the same aspects when someone’s applying for a loan:

  • Income statements;
  • Spending habits and patterns;
  • Debit history;
  • Card usage, and so on.

While these traditional…

By Flavia Mocan on The Capital

Fintechs are a great alternative to traditional banking. Partly because they offer opportunities to equal financial possibilities to all people, regardless of any background, but also because they move at a high pace due to less complicated IT structures and governance, which makes them agile and solution-oriented. But with more and more services going digital, there is even more data available online. This makes information easier to analyze and better put to use, but it also makes this data very susceptible to cybercrime. …

Regardless of their domain of activity, many companies use the power of data to support and guide their decisions. This is because data, once able to interpret it properly, is one of the most valuable insights. Customer insights are key to helping you make informed decisions that bring more value in the long-term and drive business growth. But through the evolution of technology, it was never as approachable as it is right now.

Sounds good, but what insights can we get?

For one thing, getting to know the target audience you are addressing is key to understanding what they really…

Don Tapscott, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute held a TED Talk a few years ago saying that “The technology most likely to have the greatest impact on the next few decades has arrived. It’s not Social Media, big data, it’s not robotics, not even AI, and you’d be surprised to know it’s the underlying technology of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. It’s called Blockchain.” Well, it’s four years later, and the reality is, he was absolutely right.

Even though it was initially created to support the idea of Bitcoin, blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrencies. Still…

Flavia Mocan

Professional Netflix binge-watcher, marketing specialist and wanna be digital nomad.

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